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Access Control Systems

DCS delivers solutions which control access to restricted areas by using latest innovative technologies such as smart cards, fingerprints, Hand geometry and face recognition.

We have in-house software development team, which can support clients with installation, integration, customization and new feature development. We provide access control software developed with web-based attendance software, which can be integrated with existing ERP, payroll, SAP, etc.

DCS is specialized in Security & Administration and Facility Management sectors, and uses its specialization to serve all business verticals, with specific solutions for each of them. Our team understand the varying requirements related to the security and management of the facility and administration of various organizations, provides a range of solutions as per the customer demands.

Our products/solutions are used by various companies to achieve greater profitability, whilst enabling a secure environment and better management of their facility. The Solution is in constant process of Innovation, and is expected to expand its range.

Tools and Technologies

Our Primary Offerings for Access Control Systems