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Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary Solutions

Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary Solutions


  • Beef cattle farm management system
  • Computerized livestock feeding management system
  • Stationary and mobile RFID readers, ear tags, leg bands, implantable transponders, and boluses
  • RFID Coding and marking systems for electronic animal ear tags


  • Veterinary Hospital & Clinic Management system
  • Pet Animal Registration, and Shelter Management System
  • Veterinary Border control management and automation system


  • Slaughterhouse and meat processing management and traceability systems
  • Bakery Management and traceability systems
  • Warehouse, inventory and shipment management systems
  • Weighing, packing and labelling management system
  • Recipe based food production management and traceability system


  • maceutical recipe based weighing systems
  • Industrial and vehiclRemote telemetry solutions (water meter, gas meter, electricity meter etc.)
  • Wireless long range sensor reading solutions
  • Standalone low-cost temperature monitoring system for retail  and food with Bluetooth
  • Chemical and phare GPS tracking solutions

NFC applications

  • TAP4Sure user-side customizable NFC and QR code based, application eco-system