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Field Force Automation Solution

Key Features
• Low inventory alert for timely stock replenishment
• Track movement of materials automatically through RFID gate portals
• Alert (alarm & email) for unauthorized material movement
• Approval work flow with email notification
• First-In First-Out (FIFO) picking method to reduce spoilage
• Inventory overflow alert to reduce storage overhead
• Verification at the point of activity against different types of documents (PO, SO etc.).
• Barcode & RFID enabled
• Online / Offline mode

• Optimizes all warehouse operations
• Eliminate stockouts with timely alerts for replenishment
• Control quantity, quality and traceability of inventory
• Reduces spoilage & dead stock by accessing real-time data to know the lifecycle of stock
• Enable perfect order fulfilment and on-time shipment
• Reduce cycle count time by using scan-centric audits
• Minimize order processing time
• Achieve higher inventory accuracy, visibility and traceability
• Minimize Put-Away, Picking and Shipping errors