HID / AccessIS OCR601-Mk2 series

The OCR601-MK2 is a machine readable zone (MRZ) data reader with RFID functionality, to simultaneously decode the contents of an ePassport or contactless smart card.  The OCR601-MK2 automatically detects when a document with machine readable data has been inserted and its advanced recognition engine provides highly accurate and instant data capture and decoding. By integrating the contactless RFID reader/writer the device simultaneously and efficiently captures and processes data fields, including the holder’s image, from the chip. This combined functionality provides a robust and cost-effective alternative to full-page, multi-illumination ID scanners such as the ATOM® Document Reader.


  • Border control and immigration
  • Document issuance (passport, visa, etc.)
  • Kiosks and self-service auto eGates
  • Airport passenger data capture
  • Hotels & hire car registration
  • Identification verification.