The CT30 XP HC is built on the Mobility Edge platform, a durable, stable, and secure foundation for effective, long-lasting solutions. The product leverages the latest processor and memory technology required by future high-performance software, while ensuring long-term Android compatibility – with guaranteed support from Android 11 to 13, and committed support for Android 14 and 15, subject to feasibility. Powerful Honeywell Operational Intelligence software uses data-driven insights to help prevent productivity-impacting issues in real time while reducing IT support costs to manage them. The slim, lightweight CT30 XP HC slips easily into the pocket and is easy to use, hold and carry over a long shift, yet resists cumulative damage from long-term use. The CT30 XP HC can withstand multiple room temperature drops to concrete from 1.5m (5ft) and 500 tumbles at 0.5m. Disinfectant-ready housings enable frequent cleaning with harsh disinfectants without cracking or fading durable plastic housings.