CUSTOM TK180 is the most compact combined BPP and BTP printer with native AEA firmware for a seamless integration in CUTE and CUPPS platforms. Specially designed for small check-in desks where space is a major issue, TK180 can handle BPP tickets as well as paper rolls for receipts. The bag tag support is provided by the optional paper roll holder. TK180 is a dual printer, since it can work both as BPP or BTP tool using the same firmware, configurable via set up. The NATIVE AEA 2012 firmware allow easy integration in any software architecture, without requiring any additional software. TK180 is equipped with a powerful internal processor and Hot swap function. Reliable and fast printing at 200 mm/s. The Ethernet, RS232 and USB interfaces assure easy and flexible integration, in any airport. In addition to the most common sensors, it is also provided with the new mobile VeriNotch sensor, capable of identifying black marks or gaps on any type of paper. TK180 has an automatic sensor calibration feature which is automatically activated every time paper is loaded and prevents any ticket wastage thereby contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing management costs. 2 sides tear-off. Display. TK180 supports the UHF RFID according to IATA 1740C, standard EPC Gen2.