Honeywell RT10 Rugged Tablet

Honeywell’s rugged, enterprise tablet computers equip retail, DSD, field service and T&L operations with flexible solutions that fit a wide range of workflows. Exceptional WiFi performance and a wide assortment of mounting hardware makes them ideal for mounting in forklifts and other vehicles for logistics management in warehouses, ports, docks and yards. Excellent cellular connectivity and advanced barcode scanning makes some ideal for work requiring a truly mobile office such as field sales, direct-store delivery and field service, with the enterprise reliability, security and OS upgradeability that the IT team loves.

The RT10 rugged tablet is designed for rapid user adoption, minimized TCO and optimized device management. Whether you’re a supervisor or a shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker, the RT10 is ready to fit into your daily workflow. Keeping workers and managers connected and providing them with the data and functionality they need, when they need it, is crucial to every business. Featuring your choice of Windows or Android operating systems, with either Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity, the RT10 is suitable for virtually any enterprise environment. Its rugged construction withstands 1.2 m (4 ft) drops to concrete using MIL-STD 810G standards and has an IP65 rating against dust and water.