Zebra ET4X-HC Series Healthcare Tablets

The ET40-HC with Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity is designed for use inside your facility. Nurses can use the ET40-HC to access and update electronic health records (EHRs), receive patient medical alarms and alerts, reach co-workers — from nurses and physicians to lab technicians and patient transport, call for immediate help and more. Inside waiting rooms, use the ET40-HC in the Presentation stand to create a self-check-in kiosk. Bedside in patient rooms, the ET40-HC can enable patients to reach out directly to housekeeping and food service for non-emergency needs, allowing nurses to work at the top of their license. The tablets can also improve the quality of care and the patient experience, enabling patients to communicate an urgent need or concern to a nurse or place a dependable video call to visit with family. The tablets can even replace an in-room television, providing patients with access to movies, shows and news — and they can pair their own cordless Bluetooth headset to the tablet so as not to disturb other nearby patients. Software support tools also simplify frequently repeated tasks such as unit setup and distribution of security and software updates.