HID / AccessIS LSR116 reader.

The LSR116 is designed to read 2D barcode images from smartphones, tablets or paper. Its unique design, with optimised imaging and a 2D omnidirectional barcode imager, ensures read reliability. It also ensures high-speed performance, capturing and decoding barcodes in less than one second of presentation in any orientation.

It has a small-footprint slot-in design to enable easy integration into third-party public access kiosks and gates. Furthermore, its rugged, water-resistant construction with no moving parts, enable it to withstand years of indoor and outdoor public use.

The LSR116 may be configured with data format settings. Serial RS232 and serial or keyboard USB interface versions are available.  When operated in interactive mode, it can be controlled by the host application to give green LED “successful read” feedback to the user.


  • Integration into public-use kiosks and gates
  • Travel and transportation mobile-ticket reading
  • Retail voucher redemption & loyalty cards
  • Car park ticketing, turnstiles & automatic gates.