HID / ATOM Document Reader

The ATOM Document Reader (ADR300) is a state-of-the-art, multi-illumination eMRTD reader. It has a pleasing design with maximum flexibility to make it suitable for almost any application. Its innovative design enables the capture of multiple high resolution, uncompressed images (Visible, IR & UV). It improves productivity and saves cost by significantly reducing transaction time.

ATOM’s design sets it apart from other readers and allows for both desktop use and simple, elegant integration into countertops and kiosks. Its innovative ‘shark fin’ document guides ensure that even the most widely traveled documents quickly slide onto the glass, easing down bent corners for a perfect read.

ATOM delivers lightning-fast MRZ decoding, while simultaneously reading RFID data from eDocuments, including those meeting the latest ICAO LDS standards. Additionally, high performance 1D/2D barcode reading ensures that the ATOM delivers a rich feature set.

Key Applications

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Document & Visa Issuance
  • Gaming & Casinos
  • Tax Refunds & Money Exchange
  • Self-Service Applications & Kiosks
  • Hotels, Airports & Car Rental
  • Border Control & Law Enforcement
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Sales