Honeywell Granit XP 1990iXLR

This generation of Granit™ XP scanners continue to expand capabilities and redefine ultra-rugged scanning. With a 10’ drop spec, Granit™ XP is engineered to keep on working after the impact of drops from loading docks, fork trucks, and picking trucks. The 1 m (3.3 foot) tumble test indicates long term durability with daily knocks and drops from workstation or waist height. A best-in-class 7,000 tumble specification helps ensure Granit™ scanners will be ready to work for the long term. And IP67 dust and moisture sealing protect scanning performance under harsh treatment. Granit™ 1990iXLR model begins with no-sacrifice near field scanning and expand to read UPC codes to 2 m (6.6 ft) and 100 mil (2.54mm) rack labels at 24 m (79 ft). Packed with essential reliable aiming features, the XLR laser aimer is visible in multiple lighting conditions. The daylight aiming system offers accurate aiming in bright sunlight with an easy to view green aiming solution. Created for applications where far range high speed scanning is needed to maximize productivity, and where durability is non-negotiable to help lower total cost of ownership, the Granit™ XP 1990iXLR scanner offers the optimal solution.