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Master Clock System

Communication & Network Solutions (CNS)

Master Clock System

Master Clocks normally take one or more precise timing reference signals as inputs, then convert and distribute those timing references to other devices so their clocks are almost as accurate as the master clock.

Master clock systems are used in a wide variety of applications and industries including aerospace and defence, broadcast, radio, and telecom, network systems, financial services, emergency operations and call centres, and healthcare — essentially anywhere reliability of data and signals are paramount.

Network master clocks distribute their timing references over local or wide area networks. There are also highly accurate master clock solutions that utilize copper or fibre connections for signal distribution of precise analog and digital signals such as IRIG, HaveQuick, and STANAG timecodes.

DCS offers synchronized rackmount appliances, redundant master clock systems, plug-in computer/server slot cards, OEM boards and rugged modules that can be used as master clocks.

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