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RFTrack – RFID based Vehicle Tracking System

RFTrack – RFID based Vehicle Tracking System

RFTrack is a RFID based vehicle tracking solution to automate the operations in a yard starting from vehicle arrival till it goes out for final delivery.

Why RFTrack?
• Mobile & Fixed RFID Reader Integration
• Graphical Dashboard with notifications
• Multi Country/Yard/Franchisee Management
• Integration with ERP and custom software

Key Features
• Wheel Rotation Due alerts
• Gate pass validation at Exit gate
• Vehicle Timeline Report
• Franchisee Wise Reports
• Stock Variance Report
• Inspection Checklist Filling option
• VIN wise Lead Time Report (GRN to Inspection, PDI to Delivery etc.)

• Reduces the physical inventory time drastically
• Eliminate paper work and increase operational efficiency
• Minimize driver wait time at the gate which improve delivery time
• Eliminate manual gate pass verification process with automatic identification of vehicles as and when the trailer/vehicle come close to the Exit gate
• Eliminate unauthorized checkouts
• Eliminate inaccurate yard inventories
• Improve labor productivity and yard throughput