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Smart City Sensors -Waste Management Solution

Smart City Sensors -Waste Management Solution

  • Ultrasonic level sensor that measures the amount of trash in real-time.

Fill-level sensing

  • Solar and Battery-operated versions,
  • Ultrasonic fill-level sensor to detect the waste level


  • Real-time transmission through wireless networks

Real-time data and analysis

  • The fill-level information sent to the cloud platform
  • Collect the trash by recommending the optimal collection routes.

IoT Fill-level Sensors Features:

  • Ultrasonic & Infrared fill-level, geo-location/GPS, temperature & tilt
  • Completely wireless with 10 years’ battery life
  • Weighing less than 9 ounces & easily mounted to any container
  • Internal communications enabling reports via cellular networks
  • Zero maintenance with a non-corrosive protective shell
  • Measures up to 7.5m in depth
  • 2G & 3G Networks for data transfer