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Video and Image compression Solutions

Communication & Network Solutions (CNS)

Video and Image compression Solutions

DCS offer robust solutions that enhance operational effectiveness and productivity more than four times and reduce costs by 75% when compared to others in the market today. Its highly customizable, adaptable live stream compression software.

Our products provide voice interoperability and video/data collaboration, as well as compression services to minimize the digital footprint of videos. Live stream optimizer designed to operate in any network environment. Our Video COMPRESSOR is the ideal solution for addressing high bandwidth costs and low quality feeds for real-time video.

Optimize your videos and reap massive savings on both space and bandwidth. Our robust and heavily customizable toolkit offers unparalleled compression for any kind of video, be it high-definition movies or security camera footage.

We offer Video and Image compression solution that cover major industry verticals. We are covering a large number of verticals such as Retail, Healthcare, financial services, telecommunications etc.

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