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Wi-Fi Customer Engagement and Proximity Marketing

Communication & Network Solutions (CNS)

Wi-Fi Customer Engagement and Proximity Marketing

WiFi marketing is one of the most innovative and effective ways to advertise. It is about communicating a message or content directly to potential customers or users near the point of emission. Technically, it is the creation of a coverage area based on WiFi wireless technology that enables anyone with a mobile device (laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.) equipped with WiFi technology to connect to and access the services or content that has been made ​​available. Users are ever more searching for free WiFi in order to access the Internet to work, check email, access social networks or for texting. Our systems facilitate free access to customers but to take advantage of this they must first navigate the original Internet content that we have prepared for them. Here you will have the opportunity to show them your products, services, offers, promotions or simply information related to your business.

Once the user has visited and browsed this original content, the connection will be opened to access to any service they want.

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