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Time Attendance & Access Control

Biometrics has become more and more ubiquitous in our daily lives, from ATM machines to check out aisles at your local market, to personal electronics. Continuing innovations and improvements to the various biometric technologies have made them more accessible to consumers and businesses alike.

Is Biometrics right for your business?

The answer is probably, yes! ATS offers biometric options to help you maximize the efficiency of your workforce in several ways. For one, Biometrics will eliminate “buddy punching,” the practice of one employee clocking in/out for another employee. This practice constitutes time theft and as we know, time is money! Buddy punching also decreases employee morale for the majority of honest workers who become frustrated that they are putting in a full day while a few are not. Biometrics also increases workplace security by ensuring that a user is indeed who they say they are. Through the introduction of biometrics, you know you are receiving an honest day’s work and that the employee is receiving an honest day’s pay. Furthermore, you can be confident that your strategic business planning is based on accurate and reliable data.

Overcoming Objections to Biometrics in the Workplace

ATS has been helping businesses like yours achieve tremendous ROI by reducing payroll errors, providing visibility to critical trends, eliminating buddy punching, and optimizing the workforce. Biometric systems have been shown to reduce payroll expenses by an average of 3-5%. Though becoming less of an issue as technology advances, there are still some who may resist the implementation of biometrics.  We have seen it all in 10 years! The document:

ATS Biometric Terminals – Facts About Biometrics in the Workplace 

presents some important facts that will help you dispel any concerns you may encounter when embarking on implementing a biometric workforce management system.


  • Time Clock with 3.5” color display
  • Eight programmable function keys
  • Biometric option eliminates costly buddy-punching
  • Optional POE,GSM and WIFI 802.11 a,b,g,n;WPA2
  • Affordable Biometric and non-biometric Employee Time Clocks
  • Optional Java/Python/ Webservices capable
  • Biometric readers – 1:1 and 1:n – fingerscan
  • Integrated magnetic stripe readers/ serial interface for printer

PeoplePoint Plus

  • 7” Widescreen Touch Display
  • eMMC- 8GB storage with optional Biometric Suprema or Lumidigm reader
  • Optional Wifi 802.11 a,b,g,n
  • High performance processor/Single Core Processor

PeoplePoint Premium

  • 10.1” Widescreen Touch Display
  • 2 speakers with microphone
  • Android OS with High Performance Processor
  • eMMC – 16GB Storage

PeoplePoint Turbo

  • Unparalleled Accuracy, Durability and Longevity
  • 7” Widescreen Touch Display
  • Wide Angle Camera Resolution1280 x 800
  • Android OS with Emmc – 16GB Storage


  • Battery backed real-time clock, 12 or 24 hour fomat
  • Stores upto 2000 punches
  • Optional In/Out Keys (Customizable overlay)
  • 10/100BASE-T

Zebra DS4600 Series Handheld Scanner

This versatile Retail imager scans items of all sizes, read barcodes in nearly any condition and handle transactions of all kinds. From bulky items in a shopping cart, a customer’s driver’s license at the returns desk, a mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewellery department, data from a travel document, the DS4600 Series can capture it all.Optional EAS support, available on the DS4608-HD/HL, deactivates Checkpoint EAS tags while scanning the price, boosting productivity at the checkout and preventing erroneous alarms.