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Smart Assets – Asset Management Solution

Smart Assets – Asset Management Solution

Smart Assets is a comprehensive asset tracking and management solution to keep track of any organization’s assets like furniture & fixtures, IT assets, machineries, laboratory equipment etc.

Why Smart Assets?

  • Flexible and user-friendly software to manage tangible and intangible assets (software, licenses etc.)
  • Multi Language (English & Arabic) support
  • Android & Windows support
  • Tracking of Assets through Barcode & RFID technology
  • Integration with ERP and custom software

Key Features

  • Parent child association for assets
  • Approval workflow for asset movement and disposal
  • Capture asset details with geo code information and plot it on map – outdoor assets
  • Capture/Upload asset image
  • Warranty expiration and Maintenance due alerts
  • Asset depreciation reports
  • Track movement of assets automatically through RFID gate portals
  • Alert (alarm & email) for unauthorized asset movement
  • RFID tag Encoding & Printing through application


  • Streamline the tracking of assets from acquisition to retirement
  • Reduce maintenance costs with timely alerts
  • Improve asset availability, operational readiness and usage
  • Improve traceability of assets

Monitor asset conditions and extend their useful life