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IPTV Solutions

IPTV Solutions

DCS offer a range of smart video solutions, from IPTV to fully integrated video platforms, enabling video resources to be used in enterprise environments to communicate, educate and entertain. Enterprise Video Platform keeps all of your content and intellectual property on your side of the firewall.

We specialise in digital signage and enterprise video solutions over networks along with associated technologies and services. This enables us to provide end to end solutions that meet the needs of both the client and their customers.

We cover many devices from Smart TV’s, Fire Tv, Apple, Android, MAG, PC, MAC, Satellite boxes and many more you name it and our service can go on it. We offer IPTV services that cover major industry verticals. We are covering a large number of verticals such as Retail, Healthcare, financial services, telecommunications etc.

Tools and Technologies

Our Primary Offerings for IPTV Solutions